bOARD OF DIrectors & staff




Sculpture Space, is an international residency program, providing specialized studio workspace for professional artists whose focus is sculpture. They are dedicated to the belief that art, particularly sculpture, has the power to strengthen understanding of the world. They are committed to providing artists with time and resources to fully explore their creative potential. Sculpture Space seeks to expand public awareness of and support for contemporary art by creating opportunities for artists to share their work with the community through exhibitions, lectures, and educational outreach.


Mary Hayes Gordon, President
Aimee Tarasek, Vice President
Joseph Giruzzi, Esq., Treasurer
Roberta Krueger, Secretary
Daniel Buckingham
Dr. Jonathan Blancaflor M.D. FACS
Charlie Fisher
Christi Harrington
Jill Zamperetti Heintz
Susan D. Kernan
Roberta Krueger
Linnea Pettitt
Deborah F. Pokinski
Nancy Robinson
John von Bergen
Victoria Mele Zacek


Tom Montan, Executive Director
George Hendrickson, Studio Manager