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 Terrence Campagna

Detroit, MI
Residency: February-March 2013

Project Description
Plumule and other studies in this series are largely made of wood gathered during collection walks in the rural Midwest. A large portion of the wood was collected in rural Wisconsin from decaying outbuildings that once housed hay, tools, animals and grains. In the studio the collected wood was fabricated on a table saw and carefully joined together with strips of newer, painted wood. The color palette used is derived from the coloring found on interstate road signs.

Sculpture Space was incredibly supportive of my practice. I know it sounds cliche but having access to a range of tools, a supportive cast of other artists in the same building (yet each of us having our little niche area to work), enabled get to my work and move forward. So grateful! 

About the Artist
Terrence Campagna is a native of the Detroit area. He received an MFA in 2009 from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. In 1999 he received a BFA from the University of Michigan. Recent Awards include the Simon Fellowship at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts and a Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant. Terrence has been an artist and researcher in residence at Threewalls in Chicago, IL and at the Wormfarm Institute in Reedsburg, WI. He was recently awarded a fellowship by the Joan Mitchell Center on Bayou Road where he will be an artist in residence in New Orleans this spring.  His work has been exhibited widely in the United States and in China including Thomas Barry Fine Arts in Minneapolis, the DaWang Culture Highland in Shenzhen, China, the University of Michigan’s Work * Detroit Gallery, and CUE in New York.